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Hardliner Bergoglio Bishop Exiles Priest For Being Catholic

Hardliner liberal Bishop Raúl Martín of Santa Rosa, Argentina, ordered Father Luis Murri in December to leave his diocese.

The reason: Murri is a Catholic priest who preaches Catholic doctrine. For Bishop Martín he does not fit into his [heterodox] diocese.

Murri was originally ordained a priest for San Rafael diocese, but three years after his ordination he changed to Santa Rosa because the local bishop had asked San Rafael for priests.

Monsignor Martín is a former auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires Cardinal Bergoglio. He is an aggressive enemy of receiving Communion while kneeling and even rebuked altar boys publicly for doing so.

Picture: Luis Murri, #newsNufgstrqol
Stalin would be proud of how the bishops treat their faithful priests
Priests everywhere are told not to talk about, against vatican
Watch out for "Dictator Pope."
Jim Dorchak
I listened to a history guy video on YouTube where he tells of the people of Venice publicly hanging their bishop for heresy! What happened to the old days?