Curia Cardinal Breaks the Law in Order to Help Those Who Break the Law

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the Papal Almoner, broke on May 11 a seal in order to restore electrical power for about 500 illegal immigrants who with the help of Communist radicals have been occupying the state-owned Spin Time Labs building in Rome since 2013.

Krajewski called his crime tearfully a “gesture of desperation.”

Since May 6, the electricity supplier had interrupted its service because the illegals had outstanding bills for over 300.000 Euros.

During a Sunday rally in Cuneo, Matteo Salvini, Italy’s popular interior minister, expressed his hope that Krajewski would now pay this debt and also help poor Italian families,

“It would be nice if everyone were helped, not just those who occupy buildings and break the law.”

A recent activity in the Spin Time Labs on the picture below


The Cardinal preferred stealing from the electricity company to paying the bill.