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Author Of ‘The Dictator Pope’ Revealed (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

The author of the brilliant book Dictator Pope has been revealed as the historian Henry Sire, reports Catholic Herald (March 19).

Sire published his book in December under the pen name Marcantonio Colonna. He was born in 1949 in Barcelona and is currently living in Rome where he works as a historian. He has a degree in Modern History from Oxford.

Sire is a guest at the annual summer meeting of the Catholic Roman Forum in Gardone, Italy.

Picture: Henry Sire, © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsEhgpwprhqx

Sunamis 46
Adolf was from austria
All the mess came
Because the kings were related like the zar with george
And wilhelm
And they all had problems with their selfestem-
And were unsecure
And were envy
All this marriages from vousin to cousin
Brought no luck to them-
Churchill was freemason
Like trueman and the elite st that times mentioned this post in Author of "The Dictator Pope" Suspended by Order of Malta.
Sunamis 46
Well churchill wanted to destroy all the german people- that is why they bombed dresden-

Well done mr churchill-
His name means church ill-

Ist that british as well?
Sorry i did not mean to offendthe british catholics-
Sunamis 46
Dear Tesa
Do you want us to be excommunicated?
I prefere my latin mass from the fssp. the priest is great!
He dies not talk a single word of politics-
And reommends to read thomas von kempen-
And the life of saints and the bible,
He said we must work on our religios life.
So i do not waste money for that book-
The man just wrote it to collect more retirement money, i suppose.

I use it for … More
Jim Dorchak
@Dr Stuart Reiss Oh no not book racks more like Bacon racks....
13th October 1962 all the traditional preparatory documents for V2 were thrown in the bin! What did Our Lady of Fatima Warn?
Jim Dorchak
So have you heard that they are ordering New RACKS for the Vatican Inquisition Office? A new Argentinian model is just off the assembly line. What luck eh? And just in time for Easter too.............
@Tesa ok i will do that ,maybe if iam lucky i`ll get Cardinal `s Kasper to sign it aswell
Order two books, one for yourself and one for your bishop. If you visit Rome, make sure you are seen reading it. And, Try to get the Pope sign it.
Good Job . will the book " the dictator pope "on sale on any book store ?
@Dr Stuart Reiss - We British are a race apart - with physical abnormalities such as straight backs and stiff upper lips. Looking at the picture of the sterling gentleman - he appears to be displaying BOTH to perfection.

I pushed mine in the back of a drawer somewhere - I'll have to get them out! I'm feeling inspired and ready to go!
He's British TOO Sir!
Well done!