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Lutheran Bishopess Will Be “Ordained” In Catholic Cathedral

Katherine Finegan will be ordained on October 21 as a Lutheran bishopess in the Catholic Cathedral in Marquette, Michigan. Finegan belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. According …
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GJA Taylor
Who is the "bishop" of Michigan? Another fake clearly. Lord rid us of these men in costume, who take the money and believe nothing. Sounds like the then bishop in Ireland, where Maynooth seminary is - he said in his book when he had retired that he did not believe. No news there then!
They have no fear at all of God.
There probably isn't a more remote location in the U.S. The WELS Lutherans are probably 10x more irate than the Catholics.
Angie W.
Bergoglio has installed the apostasy, there is not a Pope who imposes the order, the detractors following the evil example of Bergoglio with impunity desecrate the House of God.