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Kangaroo Court: Archbishop Sentenced for "Concealing" Homosexual Abuse

Archbishop Philip Wilson (67) of Adelaide, Australia, has been sentenced on July 3 to twelve months’ imprisonment that will be assessed for home detention for allegedly "having failed to report" the [then alleged] homosexual abuse of two boys in 1976. The priest died in jail in 2016.

Wilson who was ordained in August 1975, was an assistant priest in 1976.

One of the victims claimed that he spoke to Wilson about the abuse in graphic details. But Wilson insisted that he cannot remember such a conversion but would have been horrified by it and therefore would not have forgotten.

The other victim claimed to have spoken to Wilson in the confessional. Priests have accepted martyrdom rather than pass on or discuss things they had heard during confession because this would be a terrible crime for a priest.

Wilson is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

The cowardly Australian bishops’ conference had not the guts to criticise the kangaroo court but expressed their hope that the “sentence brings some sense of peace and healing” to the victims who - if their claims were true - would have had plenty of other people to talk to.

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Valiant Woman
This looks wrong to me. And at the same time, the men in the Church hierarchy who HAVE been molesting children or covering it up are walking free.
Holy Cannoli
The cowardly Australian bishops’ conference had not the guts to criticise the kangaroo court...

Who knows how many skeletons are in the closets of this bunch? They’re all very likely worried that if Wilson could successfully be prosecuted and found guilty in spite of his failing memory (he’s got Alzheimer’s ), the law could find a few more Aussie Bishops of homo complicity as well.
I am sorry for this decision. After such a long time it does not help anyone, because he was not involved and can not remember hearing about it.