The extreme dangers of neural chips and brainchips seem self-explanatory. Now, let’s get back to the subcutaneous chips.
This new technology has multiple risks:

A) Dangers for privacy:
As we saw before, the microchip implant contains multiple data, and some of them are very personal (genealogy of the family, information on tax reports, criminal record etc.). The use of such a microchip could be a blaring infringement of the rights on private life.
Currently, even policemen don’t have as many details on individuals! We should actually gather police information, banks information, information kept by the ministry of finances, by the courthouses and city halls, by the doctors and by social security authorities to be as precise and complete as what the microchip contains!

B) Dangers for liberties and human rights; danger of being spied on, tracked and repressed:
Given the current performances of satellites (the most powerful ones are able to see, from space, the content of a magazine that we’re reading) and of localization systems (GPS), we can fear that the microchip could be used to spy on our slightest deeds. We could not only be localized and spotted, but also eventually filmed at any moment. This is of course an infringement of our most fundamental rights, but it’s also pure espionage. We can shudder when thinking about the applications that “one” could do with that implant. Freedom of association, freedom of speech and even freedom of choice are threatened! In other words, thanks to a power of intimidation that has never been known before, the microchip implant paves a royal way to “Big Brother” or to any malevolent power!

C) Dangers for your health:
And then, of course, there are immense risks for health: first, the risk of the microchip breaking inside the organism, even if chances are tiny, would cause a painful and purulent wound due to the lithium contained in the battery, as we saw before; there’s also the risk of playing with the hormones of the human body (stopping the production of the pituitary gland, for instance, which can be LETHAL!); furthermore, given that the waves produced by the microchip have direct effects on the organism and on the behaviour, we can just imagine what kind of ravage this implant could cause on the psychological and physical health of the individuals!
This has been proved: some articles were released, showing that the waves spread by RFID technology can break the DNA chain contained inside the cells (cf.…), which can have LETHAL effects and cause numerous ailments and diseases such as, among other things, early dementia or cancer!
The RFID chip implant is also CANCEROUS: academic studies (contained in the report published by CAPSIAN at…), proved it! An American inventor named Boy Boyce got cancer after being implanted with verichips (cf.…/9501591_Bob_Boy… and…/9501595_another…).
So the danger of these chips for your health is definitely confirmed!
The report that the Food and Drug Administration released about the verichip, recognized the medical risks of the subcutaneous microchip for humans.
These risks are: “adverse tissue reaction” (= a risk to develop tumors) , migration of implanted transponder, failure of implanted transponder, electromagnetic interference, electrical hazards, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) incompatibility and needle stick. Regarding the magnetic resonance imagery (MRI), electrical currents may be induced in conductive metal implants, which can cause “potentially severe patient burns”.

Subcutaneous RFID chip: the mark in the right hand…

D) Mind control dangers: The suppression of free agency and democracy
But there is much worse…Let’s not be naïve: it’s not for nothing that the C.I.A. and eminent members of the government who were also involved in the control of the army had a research made on mind and behavior control through waves, and for the control of human beings!
These chips are radiofrequency or microwaves receivers and transmitters (microwaves and radiofrequency waves are the same type of electromagnetic energy. Radiofrequency waves vary from 100 KHz to 300 MHz, and microwaves vary from 300 MHz to 300 GHz (source:
We know that waves, once they’re sent at certain frequencies and during a certain amount of time, can stimulate specific brain structures, and that they can start or stop the secretion of hormones (regarding this, please check out what is said about microwaves on the following website :
Microwaves cause “a destabilization and interruption in the production of hormones and maintenance of hormonal balance in males and females” and cause also “brainwave disturbance in the alpha, theta, and delta wave signal patterns of persons exposed to microwave emission fields”. That disturbance of brainwave patterns results in “negative psychological effects”, among which “loss of memory, loss of ability to concentrate, suppressed emotional threshold, deceleration of intellective processes, and interruptive sleep episodes”.
Pr. Jose Delgado, who’s notorious for developing some of the first cerebral control chips (and, in particular, the cerebral chip called “Stimoceiver”), proved the capital influence of RADIOFREQUENCY waves on the neurotransmitters that produce the hormones (and, let’s remember it, the RFID chips – among which the subcutaneous chips – are identification chips that work with RADIOFREQUENCY!).
Jose Delgado said:…
“Brain transmitters can remain in a person’s head for life. The energy to activate the brain transmitter is transmitted by way of RADIO FREQUENCIES.”
(Source: Cannon; Delgado, J.M.R., “Intracerebral Radio Stimulation and recording in Completely Free Patients,” in Schwitzgebel and Schwitzgebel (eds.)).
So, as radio frequencies have an impact on neurotransmitters, and as neurotransmitters have a direct impact on the production or inhibition of hormones, we can for instance have, through subcutaneous RFID chips, more or less adrenaline being produced, which can make a person more or less aggressive, more or less anxious etc.
In other words, the subcutaneous microchip for humans is what is called a “mind control” device, and it represents a serious risk of suppression of free-agency and of the liberty of thought!

This is so true that in order to CONTROL THE BEHAVIOR of pedophiles, the Belgian liberal deputy and neurosurgeon Jacques BROTCHI proposed 2 means in his bill : the “chemical castration” (= injection of chemicals to inhibit the hormones) or… THE SUBCUTANEOUS MICROCHIP!
WHAT YOU MUST BE AWARE OF, IS THAT BY THE TIME WHERE A PHYSICAL MEANS (SUBCUTANEOUS, NEURAL OR CEREBRAL CHIP IMPLANT) ALLOWS THE SUPPRESSION FREE AGENCY, WE REACH THE POINT OF NO RETURN. Chipped people are not themselves anymore, and they can be remotely manipulated in a technological way by those who have the power.
Generalized and/or widely spread, such a system makes it totally impossible to live in a democracy, since chipped individuals are fully manipulated (= total biological control). We would then reach the point of a society led by a TECHNOLOGICAL TYRANNY…
This is the reason why this article is titled “Microchip implants: the ultimate danger for humankind”!

E) Birth control danger:
With the same means used for mind control (microchips, waves of a certain frequency, satellites, GPS system, ground stations and antennas), births can be controlled too!
Since it is possible to stimulate or inhibit the hormone production, it also means that it’s possible to stop the production of oestrogens in women, and so it’s possible to cause a premature menopause! One can imagine the terrible consequences of such an application of the subcutaneous microchip if it falls between the hands of an unscrupulous government (which seems to be the case, since Sanders claimed that “the ultimate purpose of the powers controlling the world is to reduce the global population of 90%: a size which, according to them, is easier to control”).

F) Danger of using the chips as a lethal weapon:
Hormones are VITAL to the human body. The inhibition or the suppression of some hormones can cause serious and even DEADLY physiological troubles.
We can then wonder : what would happen if “one” would begin, through that microchip that transmits but also receives waves, to send some precise wave frequencies in order to deliberately modify people’s behavior, or even to use it as a weapon in order to destroy the health of determined targets?
And what would happen if mass chippings occurred a little bit everywhere on the planet (and that’s what is being done, as we saw in chapter 3)?
The answer is simple: we would get a microchip that would be a WEAPON, and a worldwide dictatorship, whose eventual opponents would be easily eradicated, in all discretion!
As for freedom of thought and free will, they would also disappear! “Big Brother” would be in possession of an army of human slaves deprived of any will and subjected to the slavery of that evil microchip!
Back in 2009, SAUDI MEN TRIED TO PATENT, IN GERMANY, A SUBCUTANEOUS CHIP THAT CAN RELEASE CYANIDE - a deadly poison (cf.… or! Fortunately, this application was denied, but we can suspect that the bastards who proposed this abominable project will try to patent their devilish invention elsewhere… However, we see that CHIP IMPLANTS ARE NOW USED AS A DEADLY WEAPON TO MURDER PEOPLE UNDER COMMAND!

Obviously, the microchip implant is not found everywhere yet, and its use begins to be imposed only in the USA and Mexico. But this doesn’t happen only to others, and we are ALL concerned…
Now is the time for us to move and REACT before the microchip is IMPOSED in our countries! Because this will happen pretty soon, as the microchip already spreads on the planet and gets such “strength of conviction” that few things will be able to be done to stop it, EXCEPT IF WE REACT FROM NOW ON!
“But yet we live in democracy, so no one will come to impose that microchip!”. Yeah, maybe, but then you forgot one thing: some organizations and privacy advocates already protested against the “digital angel” microchip. But their arguments were brushed aside by Applied Digital Solutions. “The expected benefits are more important than the worries about private life”, claimed Applied Digital Solutions’ ex-C.E.O., Richard Sullivan. What a wonderful “morality”, don’t you think? As you can see, it’s the capitalist and ultraliberal dictatorship that prevails over everything else!
After the so-called “terrorist” attacks of the 9th of September 2001, the USA voted, under the name “Patriot Act”, a certain amount of “anti-terrorist” laws that allow the government to get over the American constitution (a constitution that guarantees basic rights and freedoms of the citizen : freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of association…). So the Patriot Act is a double edged weapon that could destroy, or even suppress, the liberties of American people!
Do you know that the U.S.A. is not the only ones who have anti-terrorist laws of exception? In France, the Perben law is, regarding the concept and the risks, a “twin” of the Patriot Act. In Belgium, the law of the 19th of December 2003 and the laws voted in July 2002 are also copies of the Patriot Act. The European «antiterrorist» laws that were adopted at the end of 2005 allow the retention of telephone, Internet and e-mail data (= invasion of privacy). In Canada, a similar project is under way! This means that other countries (including our European countries) inherited exception laws that have the same risks and drifts than the Patriot Act, and that those countries don’t live in a democratic State anymore!
These laws represent a REAL danger of totalitarian drift for all those countries. And in a fake democratic and fully totalitarian State, the use of the microchip can be totalitarian too!
Moreover, the big business men who try to sell the subcutaneous microchip for humans are not that dumb! We just saw the lethal dangers of the microchip implant, but they will introduce it to you with a honeyed voice “full of good intentions” (as we know, hell is paved with goood intentions), and the microchip will be presented at its best!
A word for the wise: A.D.S., in its project, never hid the fact that its microchip, among other uses, will be used in order to GIVE A FLAWLESS, ABSOLUTE AND UNFAILING IDENTIFICATION MODEL OF THE INDIVIDUAL. Now, you’re informed and you’ve been warned about it!

Do you REALLY want to go through THIS!?