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Newly Appointed Bishop Prays Old Breviary

Washington Auxiliary Bishop Michael Fisher often uses an old rite Latin breviary once owned by his great uncle, Father Cornelius Buckley who was a priest of the Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut.

Fisher was consecrated a bishop on June 29.

“He must have smoked cigars,” Fisher told (July 13) about his great uncle whom he never met, "Some of the pages are stained with tar."

Bishop Fisher also sometimes prays from an old rite breviary once owned by Father Jack Murray, a family friend who before becoming a New York priest was a fighter pilot in World War II.

The newly ordained bishop is considered among the moderate forces in the otherwise radical Washington Archdiocese.

Those who know him, praise his humility that puts no menial task below him and also seems to outfox the foxes [which is important in today's Church].

The way he speaks of family is beautiful. He was at his parents' grave when he got word to expect a call regarding his elevation. They both died fairly recently.