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Martin Luther Is About Nationalism, Not About Religion

The Lutheran schism was the first manifestation of German nationalism according to the historian Maria Elvira Roca Barela writing in the leftwing Spanish daily El País (July 23). Roca states that …
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Dr Bobus
He was about Nationalism And Religion. He thought there were 3 Sacraments. And understanding of a Sacrament is different: Occasions of Grace (Luther) vs Causes of Grace (Catholic)
How is pope Francis adoration of Luther consistent with his ecumenism since Luther did not have very kind words to describe the Jews? I guess that would exclude Luther from Francis interfaith dialogue but not exclude him from the Catholic Church because he was a heretic.
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GJA Taylor
Oh please. The Holy Father knows best, really! I mean, he even brought in a statue of this ex priest into the Vatican and made little stamps showing this ex priest ( with out his ex nun "wife", mid you), so please pay attention to what the Holy Father says about Luther, cause the Holy Father is so humble ( I mean, isn't that what his PR manager tells us - he is so, so humble)
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I would've thought that Luther's 'protest' was all about Luther: his desires, prejudices and vanity.
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