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Abuse Hoax: Boston Globe Rejects Request for Data Used for Sham Article

A Boston Globe front-page story alleged on November 4 that according to a study more than 130 U.S. bishops were accused of “failing to adequately respond to sexual misconduct in their dioceses.”

The story garnered national U.S. headlines.

Bill Donohue, the president of the New York based Catholic League, asked the newspaper to examine the raw data in order to verify the study. But the Boston Globe refused.

Donohue commented on (December 6), "The same newspaper that insists on total transparency on the part of the bishops — they must allow full disclosure of their internal data — will not make public its data on the bishops."

Over the years, the Catholic League has shown many of those the Church-suing lawyers and professional victims’ advocates [like the Boston Globe] to be "liars".

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsOhnilktogh
Holy Cannoli
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GTV is a haven for nutters like yourself to splatter comments throughout that aren’t Catholic at all...

Actually, little man, it is you who are the nutter of all nutters at this internet site. You prove this by neglecting to respond substantively to the comments I made, but, like a child, you simply lash out which once again displays your own immaturity, arrogance and … More
Holy Cannoli
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I thought rather naively that there might be some things posted here by GTV without your nihil obstat. But by placing a like on the idiotic comment below suggesting that child abuse is a hoax and an exaggeration you clearly show that you believe it’s a hoax. Shame on you Father. You have lost my respect.


Read the article referenced, you simple … More
Bishops have all to get together and speak up against all the bad vices that is present in the clergy ,even if it hearts you ,but you will gain heaven . Other wise the sheep will not follow you the sheppards ,becasuse we dont trust you , and we will pray to God to come and help us clean our mess and make the church more transparente , enough of this lying and money wasting ,and false doctrine … More
It's amazing, Gloria and others have shown, beyond any doubt, reazonable or otherwise, that, despite the reality of the abuses, they have been exagerated, the news abut them distorted, used as a tool of persecution and for the sake of disqualifying the Church for her moralizing influence in politics and social life, and you believe more a tool of the persecution, which is very real and evident (… More