Whistle-Blower Viganò Accuses Francis of "Fear to Proclaim the Gospel"

While still in hiding, Archbishop Carlo Vignanò published on (October 6) a short text for the opening of the Amazon Synod, entitled, "The Negligent Pastors and the Fear to Proclaim the Gospel."

Its date is indicated as “the XXVII Sunday after Pentecost” which should be "the XXVII Sunday in Ordinary Time."

The short text consists of two paragraphs. The first quotes from the Pastoral Rule of St Gregory the Great. It is taken from the New Rite breviary for that Sunday and tells the clergy not to hide behind silence but to speak out against the wolves and the worldly powers which threaten the flock.

In the second paragraph, Viganò says that, "every priest must examine himself assiduously in order to conform his conduct to the supernatural light of this pastoral Rule of Saint Gregory the Great, including cardinals and bishops, and especially Pope Bergoglio, S.J.!"


I'm confused, the 27th Sunday in ordinary time is not the same day as the 27th Sunday after Pentecost. It's the 17th Sunday after Pentecost (traditional calendar) and the 27th in ordinary time N.O. calender. Is it likely just a typo or am I missing something?
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Proposal of an orthodox Pope by the BCP

July 8, 2019

1) Who do we propose and why?

2) The diagnosis of the present state of the Church

3) What is the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP)?
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Maybe Viganò is signalling that he has returned to the Ancient Mass and is no longer offering the Mass according to the Novus Ordo?
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But "Che" has said, "No proselyte."