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Yes and No: Vatican Does Not Recognise SSPX But Appoints SSPX Judges

The Vatican appointed Bishop Bernard Fellay in several cases as judge and in one case even as a judge of the second instance when he was the superior general of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX).

Fellay revealed this during a conference in the Philippines (September 3).

During his time in office he collaborated with Vatican courts when he needed to punish a priest according to Church law.

According to Fellay, the “modern Church” recognises the SSPX as "Catholic" and does not call it "schismatic" but "irregular" - a confusing term used in Canon Law only for impediments banning a person permanently from receiving or exercising Holy Orders.

Fellay added that the Vatican will not give the SSPX a canonical status as long as it does not accept the Novus Ordo and the Second Vatican [Pastoral] Council. The SSPX has no intention to do so.


Why is it that Bishop Fellay is not more worried about whether nowadays Rome itself recognizes Catholic religion and Church? The material internal schism present in the universal Church obliges not to worry about one's identity of being a Catholic Bishop in the Catholic Fraternity. However on the contrary to show: gratitude towards Archbishop Lefebrve for saving the Catholic Mass and Bishops; … More