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Not Surprising: Homosexual Abuser McCarrick Pushed for Communion for Adulterers

"So many of God’s people are barred from Communion because they are in what we call bad marriage [adulterers]", Cardinal Theodore MCarrick, who is accused of homosexual abuses, claimed during a September 2014 talk, recently published by

The talk was aiming at the October 2014 Synod of the Family that was manipulated by Pope Francis' modernist faction in order to push for communion for adulterers.

Not surprisingly, McCarrick is a supporter of this sacrilege. During his talk he already knew that communion for adulterers would be "one of the things that is going to be brought up at the Synod".

Picture: Theodore MCarrick, #newsTzxrzinfcf

No surprise.. he, Dolan, Wuerl were for Clinton. It’s called ‘cronyism’.