Like the Prophets: Brandmüller And Burke Warn - And Nobody Listens

The two surviving Dubia Cardinals, Raymond Burke and Walter Brandmüller, sent each a letter to fellow cardinals warning them that the Amazon Synod (October 6-27) will challenge the Faith.

According to (September 4), Brandmüller criticizes Francis’ choices of extremists like [German-Brazilian] Cardinal Hummes as the synod’s president, and the two Germanic Bishops Kräutler and Overbeck as ideologists.

Brandmüller stresses that never before "not even during the Arian crisis" the Church has gone through such a profound crisis.

Burke wrote that he shares Brandmüller’s concerns since the working document “contradicts” the Church's teaching and portends an “apostasy” from the Faith.

According to Burke this apostasy regards the teaching about God's relationship with the Creation, the universality of Christ’s salvation, and the perfect revelation through Christ.

Anybody else troubled how Gesu has now appointed himself the spokesman for "We Catholics" on GTV. deciding who "we" do and do not listen to? likes this.
Those who do not listen to them are the modernist apostates, We Catholics listen to Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Brandmüller but the one we do not listen to is the anti-Pope Bergoglio, so much so that now those who receive him on his anti-apostolic journeys are Muslims, Hindu and apostates.
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Prophets they are not. They are V2 men (modernist). Why won't they confront Francis directly?
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