Christians Slaughtered in Northern Nigeria by Militant Islamists

Photo ~ Christians are burnt alive in Nigeria: a horrific Holocaust right in front of International indifference.

Christians Slaughtered in Northern Nigeria by Militant Islamists
Statement by Father Juan Carlos Martos cmf Secretariat of PV Clarettiani Missionaries, January 9, 2013

This is a brutal example of how far the struggle between muslims and catholics in Nigeria has reached. Muslims are determined to impose their 'religion' all over Africa as well as in other continents and countries of the world. Islam has but one goal: rule the world at any cost."

"And where are the International Human Rights Organizations? Christians are burnt alive in Nigeria: a horrific Holocaust right in front of International indifference. As denounced by Father Juan Carlos Martos, on behalf of the Missionari Clarettiani, via del Sacro Cuore di Maria, Rome, Italy."

"By publishing this graphic document on Facebook, I have intended to make the world aware of certain terrible events totally ignored or minimized by the mainstream media; an authentic genocide so cruel and inhuman only comparable with the most hateful and vile acts in the Nazi extermination camps."

"To my great surprise, Facebook has criticized me for the publication of this graphic document as a proof of the Holocaust that Christians have been suffering in Nigeria in the last ten years. According to Facebook's Security policy of the 'social' Network, this photo has been classified as 'pornographic', 'violent' or 'inappropriate' and hence I was disallowed to publish any picture for a week.

And I was threatened drastic measures if I insist publishing any document that prove the terrible violations of Human Rights in Nigeria. This attitude by the (Spanish) Facebook Management is an attack to the freedom of expression as much as a shameful insult to the 500 victims (only in this horrible episode) slaughtered by islamic terror only for being christian."

"I thought that this social network, originated in the United States, would not bend its knees in front of terror. Especially, when still healing their wounds suffered in the gruesome 9/11 attack, just as our own 3/11 at Madrid railway station, all innocent victims of the wild fury and insanity of islamic terror."

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Holy Cannoli
Interesting that someone would join and post at on the very same day on account of this article. I am reminded of an antagonistic poster who did what he/she could to promote all things Muslim and all things homosexual resenting articles that were critical of his/her favorites.

Whatever the provenance of the picture, it appears to have been posted in good faith throughout the internet and, in fact, Christians were burnt to death in 2010 by Muslims in Nigeria. See the reports here[More]
My friends,

As horrible as this photograph is, the stroy attached to it is NOT true. Please see the following:

We must be vigilant about the TRUTHand not allow ourselves to easily swayed by press stories that may incite more religious violence. Peace to you.
ignea orationem
Sometimes the best defence is to be offensive. War has been declared, sometimes as Christians and especially Catholics, we need to fight for our faith, our souls and even our actual lives.Please defend yourselves my brothers and sisters in Nigeria, organize and fight back against this evil enemy. Look to the Cristeros, the lessons in Spain and many other countries that had to fight back. Our Lady of Mount Carmel pray for us, Saint Michael pray for us!!!!!!!!!!!!
I add them in my prayers too.