Prof says Pope should be executed for ‘premeditated mass murder’

Photo ~ Parncutt (a fascist Austrian university professor who claims to be opposed to Capital punishment) wants the death penalty for Global Warming deniers as well. Prof says Pope should be executed for ‘premeditated mass murder’ A professor in …
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How vicious these sweet liberals are!

He has such "sympathy" on the surface but within is a son of Eichmann.
Does this professor even know that the HIV virus can permiate the thin plastic layer of a condom?
Is this coming out of the mind of a highly educated guy? Wow...

Yes, because the pope is forcing people to have sex and contract AIDS and other STDs. Those Africans are just animals who could never learn self-control and love, right Parncutt? Yes, the pope is the racist one.

He does not hold this Catholic belief and is not being forced to do so. in fact, even a Catholic is not "forced" to believe it. As in any normal organization, there are rules, guidelines, there is an order about how one … [More]