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Final Document "From Holy Spirit" Accepts "[Homo]Sexual Orientation", Asks For Index of Forbidden Websites

The Youth Synod’s final document was accepted on October 27 by a two-third majority. In his last speech Pope Francis mystified that “the Holy Spirit gives us this document”.

Very controversial was paragraph 150 on homosexuality. It received only two votes more than necessary, scoring 65 "no" votes. The paragraph seems to be deliberately wishy-washy in order to allow immoral interpretations.

It encourages paths of accompanying every homosexual in order to help them to "integrate the sexual dimension", to grow in the "quality of relationships" and to walk towards the "gift of self”. The text is so opaque that the same could be applied even to child abusers.

§150 condemns [any] “discrimination on a sexual basis” contradicting the Catechism of the Catholic Church that opposes “unjust” discrimination of homosexuals [or any mortal sinner].

The document calls it "reductive" to define the identity of people "starting only from their sexual orientation” thus accepting the gay propaganda term "sexual orientation" [although sexuality is not "oriented" but either ordered/natural or disordered/unnatural/perverted].

Further Issues

The document further calls an inclusion of women in ecclesiastical leadership a “duty of justice”.

Out of context, it wants “synodality” to become a “constitutive” part of the Church.

The document also asks for a “certification system for Catholic websites” to combat what it calls "fake [inconvenient] news”.

The Internet is now mocking Bergoglio for trying to re-introduce an "Index of forbidden books" and asking for websites doctored by a pro-gay Vatican Ministry of Truth.

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Firstly, Christ calls for us to be humble. - we are never going to enter Heaven if we push ourselves forward or demand our supposed "rights" whether we be male or female
"He opened NOT His mouth, but was led obediantly like a lamb to the slaughter."
Compare the action of Christ with this bunch of egotistical exhibitionists

Secondly We are called to submit to Christ through the handed down Tradit… More mentioned this post in “We Change The Church“ With a Recipe for Disaster - Cardinal Marx.
Lisi Sterndorfer
I wonder how weighty an issue the 'worst evil of our age' was at the Synod - Youth unemployment. Was it addressed?
We could think about a system to certify popes.
alex j
What 'spirit' would that be Francis?
We can’t even ensure Catholic hospitals don’t do abortions and other immoral procedures, but we can police what’s Catholic on the Internet?
Lisi Sterndorfer
We won't yank the "Catholic" title from institutions like Fordham, which have "trans drag shows".
A spirit gave them the document and it wasn't a holy one
The key term in the 150th paragraph is "homosexual persons". With it, you have the "homosexual identity", something the Church doesn't accept. With that un mind, let's read it:

There you have the premises, Frank will draw the conclusions. He has the mandate: "There are questions concerning the body, relationships and sexuality that need a more in-depth anthropological, theological and pastoral … More
Joseph a' Christian
More Machiavellian language. This document only deceives Catholics who do not know of these satanists town crier: James Martin. Halloween is soon, yet bellowing homo James Martin remains in the costume of a priest all year.
Our Lord Jesus has overcome this rotten world. Store our treasure in Heaven.
I'm sure Bergie's husband Gustavo will help him ban Catholic books.