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How To Kill A Church In Just A Few Easy Steps

Matt Walsh | The Daily Wire | @MattWalshBlog

The Episcopal Church announced this week that it would be removing the words "man," "woman," and "procreation" from its marriage liturgy. Of course, the Episcopalians have long since removed Christ from their liturgy, so this latest move is no surprise.

I refer to them as the Episcopal Church only loosely. They are a church in the same way that the Church of Satan is a church. They are an anti-church. Rather than a body of Christian believers, they are a body of self-worshiping heretics. And a very small body at that.

Episcopalianism has been skidding into oblivion for decades now. They lost over 30% of their members during the '90s. In this century, they’ve been losing about 2% a year. Today there are fewer Episcopalians in America than Jews or Mormons. This is significant because the latter groups have always been relatively small minorities in America, while the Episcopal church was once the largest church in the nation. It’s been all downhill since then.

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thats what happens when man becomes an idol like god ,shame
Jim Dorchak
I went to a Wisky Palian Highschool.. there were no Catholic High Schools where I lived, and I think your summation is a very excellent summary. Jim