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Abuse Hysteria: Young Priest Commits Suicide

Father Jean-Baptiste Sèbe, 38, a priest of the Rouen Archdiocese, France, committed suicide on September 18 after he was accused of sexual misdemeanour against an adult woman, three years ago. Nevertheless, French oligarch media keep calling her a “young girl”.

No charge was brought against the priest who hung himself in the attic of his church.

During a press conference, Rouen Archbishop Lebrun told the public that he had received Sèbe a day before his death. He confessed his misdeed to him . The acts were likely not of a criminal nature.

Father Sèbe was the oldest of a big family. Ordained in 2005 he became the parish-priest of a run-down liberal parish in Rouen which he was able to revive. He was involved in the Scout d’Europe and also taught at the Institut Catholique in Paris, having written a doctorate about Hans Urs von Balthasar.

Last Saturday, three days before his death, he preached in front of hundreds of Scouts d’Europe about “Take up your cross and follow me.” Sèbe’s suicide is a consequence of a Church that has turned sexual misconduct into an unforgivable sin.

Rouen is the archdiocese where Father Jacques Hamel was murdered by a Moslem during Mass in July 2016.

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What a sadness that he felt such despair. He did not know the Lord's mercy.
RIP Father Jean-Baptiste
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Since the priest Sebe is an expert on the heretic Hans Urs Von Bulthazar having written a doctoral thesis, he may have presumed that all men have a reasonable hope of salvation, regardless of the manner in which they die. How utterly tragic, that a priest who gives himself completely for others, has been so damaged in his formation that he can do the act of ultimate selfishness. If a priest … More
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Very awful. May God have mercy on his soul.
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@CarolineA03 I think they meant no charges of sexual abuse were brought against him.
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Is this definitely a suicide? It says "No charges" were brought against him.
It seems a bit strange!

....also, The Archbishop informs us of the Priest's "Confession" of having committed a "misdeed " What "misdeed"? Is he telling us that the Priest made a full confession to him of the crime he was accused of, - ie, that of having committed a " misdemeanor" with "an adult woman?"

....also, Why … More
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