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Death Penalty: "The Holy See is apparently in error"

The parish of the Fraternity of Saint Peter in Westwood, Kansas, has placed the following announcement in the bulletin for this weekend

Dear Parishioner,

You may have read that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has recently announced that the Catechism of the Catholic Church will be amended to teach that the Death Penalty, i.e. the judicial condemnation of an evil-doer to death, by competent authority, is now to be considered always inadmissible.

Leaving aside any discussion of particulars, and making reference only to the general principle, such a position runs contrary to the natural law and constant teaching of the Church.

The Holy See is apparently in error, and in my view, no Catholic should feel himself bound to the Catechism in this regard.

Please pray for the Pope and the bishops.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Father John Fongemie


If you think this to be another "Rant" (which I suspect you will) God help me to continue "ranting" in case I submit to false rule, Caesar's Governments, being obediant to the Devil, totally ceasing to be Catholic, and instead turn helplessly into some demonic driven, addled, heretical twit who believes that Christ and the Devil are ONE - instead of Christ and the Father.

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@CarolineA03 : DNFTT. His accusation of "ranting" is ridiculous.
@CarolineA03 your endless ranting makes you look desperate
A man making experiments in chemistry must expect chemical explosions, and a man making experiments in ethics must expect ethical explosions.
@Pjwm65 I beg your pardon, but it is YOU who are false. If you can find any fault with my words then you question not only authentic Church teaching but even stranger the words of GOD in Sacred Scripture

My friend, why so antagonistic? Why so dramatic? It is all very dangerous and seems to imply that you are feeling threatened in some way. It is wise to align yourself with the TRUE Christ who … More
Perhaps it is the Jesus on the cross who suffers when he sees François manipulating the magister as he pleases
@CarolineA03 How funny you say that I am not suitable for judging if you are a suitable Catholic. YOU have judged the hierarchy of the Church as FALSE. You have judged. You are found wanting. Just take time out of your vitriol online and think in quiet before the blessed sacrament about how damaging you are to Christ's body.
@Pjwm 65 PS With due respect, I don't believe you have the right to judge whether or not I am a suitable Catholic. We are all called not to reinterpret the True Faith - for Heretics, Apostates and Schismatics are called "Damned" in True Church Teaching.

Not one person is "damned" for calling for a Pope to stay in line with Church Teaching as handed down to us from the Apostles. In fact one was … More
Even radical Massimo Faggioli admits: "Pope Francis' decision on #DeathPenalty comes 50 years after the abolition of the death penalty from Vatican City law, and after hundreds of executions carried out by the Vatican executioner. I find it hard to defend Francis' decision from a strict "continuity" point of view."
@Pjwm65 I made no "rant" - I just quoted a few passages of Sacred Scripture which I guess appear to be "ranting" when viewed by those who are appalled to find out that God said that! Secondly, as always, The Sacred Magesterium is not the servant of a whimsical awful "Pope" - the Law is that EVERY Pope is the servant of the S. Magesterium AS HANDED DOWN THROUGH THEMSELVES TO US BY 2000 YEARS OF … More
The father John Fongemie respects the teaching of Saint Thomas. What harm is there to defend his point of view while asking to pray for Francis ? I hope you will understand me because I have to learn to speak English quickly for a brother of prayer dear to my heart. Do not hesitate to correct me please ! Ohlalala Pray for me our Lady of Fatima, i need your help !
@pauljamesdwyer I hope he will be removed. If he cannot accept the magesterium, he has no place representing the Bishop.
@CarolineA03 You answer your rant in your own comment. OLD Testament. Our Lord draws us on into a deeper love and respect than that shown in the OT. I hope you are not a "Catholic" for if you claim to be, you have no right as you have no respect for the Magesterium. I hope one day you will find Our Lord in the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church and be an obedient and faithful … More
The Old Testament God - whom we know views things identically to the Son and Holy Ghost mentioned during the Old Testament that there were to be occasions when the death penalty is the judgement requested by God.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the horrendously anti-Catholic hierarchy of this falsified Catholic Church are trying to divide the indivisible Holy Trinity

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Watch as Fr. John FONGEMIE is removed from his parish or forced to recant this statement.
@mattsixteen24 that may be so but it has now changed. That is the authority of the magesterium. If you don't accept that authority it is not the Pope who is a heretic it is you.
No, the communist regimes of Venezuela and Nicaragua can unlawfully kill their population by the hundreds of thousands, but the Church is wrong and the natural law and the Bible, ergo, God [or it isn't Dod's word], when they even prescribe the death penalty, for which there is plenty of justification. Even more: the communist regime of China can kill millions of babies a year and kidnap bishops … More
Did not the Church always and everywhere teach that it is admissible for the proper authority and for grave reasons? I do not understand how this proposition is not a rejection of Church teachings. Furthermore the CDF explanation is not coherent in my view for the following reasons
1. Not all countries have penitentiary systems capable of dealing with extremely evil people.
2. A criminal may die … More
"The Church teaches, in the light of the Gospel, that “the death penalty is inadmissible ..." I've no problem with abolishing the death penalty, I do have difficulty with "The Church teaches", historically, factally its not true.
@Pjwm65 - False Francis, his own actions reveal that he is unfaithful to Almighty God. He publicly stated to Muhammadans, to cotinue on with the Quran, that the faith of their fathers will guide them.
The Quran contains the blasphemy of Muhammad who teached that Jesus was NOT crucified.
This is only one example of False Francis’ numerous evil deceptions.
Jesus Is Truth.
‘Inadmissible’ is not quite the same as ‘intrinsically evil’. But it does not mean ‘sometimes admissible’.
Brave words. I hope this doesnt bring down the Bergoglian hammer on the FSSP. Sadly faithful Catholic priests live in constant fear of loosing their ministry due to their upholding the truths of the Catholic Church. Our bishops need to start fighting heresy rather than ignoring it.
No sir, you are wrong. If life in the womb is sacred, so is the life of a sinner. And for the heretic that says the Pope is a heretic, go find a protestant Church where you can be happy.
There are still deluded people who do not understand that a heretic can not become a pope. Bergoglio is not a pope who has fallen into heresy, he is a contumacious heretic who from Argentina had already separated from the Catholic faith.
"The entire Catholic theology pronounces, with St Thomas, that, in natural law, it is just and licit for public authority to directly inflict death to evildoers as punishment for the gravest crimes. It is a 'de fide' truth..." (From the best commentary to the Summa - BAC, 1956)