Old Rite Sisters Adorers First House in the USA

Monsignor Gilles Wach, Prior General of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, is pleased to announce that the feminine branch of the Institute, the Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest, will open their first religious house in the United States.

With the approval and paternal blessing of His Excellency, the Most Reverend William P. Callahan, Bishop of La Crosse, this house will be located in the very diocese where the Institute began its ministry in America some twenty years ago, and which has now yielded seven vocations to the Sisters Adorers.
This picture was taken in German Maria Engelport.
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Its these small victories that strengthen hope. Thank You Lord !!
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La Crosse, Wisconsin... where Cardinal Burke visits the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
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