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Nuncio: Europe Is Ruled By New Paganism that Kills People Like Plague

Archbishop Thomas Gullickson, the Apostolic Nuncio in Bern, Switzerland, preached for the feast of Saint Antony in the Swiss hamlet Obbürgen (June 17).

In a side-remark he mentioned today’s Europe which is “ruled by a new paganism that kills peoples like the plague that, in the years before [Saint] Antony, assailed Europe.”

Gullickson added, “Today we do not have the plague any more, but we lack Christian weddings and stable families from which healthy and resilient children can emerge.”

“Children are and remain the hope for the future in this world.”

Gullickson is an outspoken Catholic which is extremely rare among faceless Vatican diplomats.

Picture: Thomas Gullickson, 2016, © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-SA, #newsHzndnlboil
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