Copycat: Swiss Bishops Start “Process” To Help Germans Attack Celibacy

Aping their big German brothers, the Swiss bishops plan to start a “Process for the Renewal of the Church,” the pro-homosex Basel Bishop Felix Gmür told journalists.

This was decided during the bishops' September meeting. Gmür explained that the word “process” was chosen to avoid any reference to “synod” which got the Germans into "troubles".

The topics are the old ones: priestesses, married priests and [homo]sexual abuses.

A three-people committee will organize the “Process”. Like in Germany, the topics will then be discussed in groups of twelve people. A timeline has not been set yet.

A first step of the "renewal" must be that Gmür forgoes his scandalous 14'150 Francs/Dollars monthly salary.

May heretics repent before they burn in hell for eternity
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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