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Vatican Secretary of State Praises Modernist Cardinal Bernardin

During his holiday stay in Trento region, Italy, Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin extolled at the end of Sunday mass in Tonadico, the late Chicago Cardinal Joseph Bernardin (+1996) whose parents emigrated from this village.

Parolin called Bernardin who was the leading modernist in the U.S "the great Joseph Bernardin" according to (30 July). He went on claiming that Bernardin was a "great shepherd but then, above all, he suffered so much."

Bernardin was a hero of the anti-Church media. During Bernardin’s reign (1982-1996), Chicago Archdiocese lost almost 25% of its clergy.

In Bernardin's final weeks, President Bill Clinton awarded him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. His funeral mass was presided by his good friend, radical Cardinal Roger Mahony.

Bernardin was accounted for setting up the «Bernardin Machine» which controlled the U.S. Bishops’ Conference and almost all episcopal appointements.

The Bernardin ideology consists in not defending or preaching any Church teaching deemed "controversial" [by the oligarch media] and by using disciplinary measures almost exclusively in order to persecute faithful Catholic priests.

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This is a lengthy post by Matt Abbott but is worth the read about Cardinal Bernardin.
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Dr Bobus
The irony is the mention of Bernardin with the recent news on McCarrick. When I returned to Rome in 1989, I was with three priests in the garden of Casa Santa Maria. Most of the talking was done by a high respected American priest and theologian who was visiting. I don't remember ,uc of the conversatio, but I do remember what he said when Bernardin's name came up. He said Bernardin's pajama part… More
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Dr Bobus
Bernardin was also a liar. In Chicago he was saying publicly that he was cured of cancer. At the same time he went to Rome to try to name his successor.
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Dr Bobus
During the time Bernardin was archbishop of Chicago, there was serious decline in mass attendance. It was accompanied by similar decline in contributions on Sunday, which caused financial problems.

According to the fatuous Parolin a Great Shepherd loses his shèep. I suppose he also considers Mussolini a Great Leader

Like McCarrick Bernardin sociologized life in the Church, reducing it to relati… More
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