Priest Shows Busy Francis Magic Trick (Video)

Pope Francis was entertained with a magic trick by Mexican Father José Luis González Santoscoy, 36, a popular Jesus-light preacher on Facebook. González visited Casa Santa Marta last Friday.

He showed Francis how he presents God’s love in youth ministry, displaying two red paper hearts and giving one to Francis. Both, Francis and Gonzáles, tore their paper heart apart. González asked Francis what breaks a man’s heart. Francis replied politely: hatred, envy, chatter.

González scrunched both torn hearts until they formed a paper ball asking Francis to breathe on it. Then, González unfolded the paper ball and, inexplicably, it turned out to be a whole chain of red paper hearts.

Around the same time Hong Kong Cardinal Zen suggested that Francis was too "busy" to answer an inquiry, he had made earlier.


J’appellerais plutôt cela un tour de prestidigitation, rien de plus : sans intérêt !
Dr Bobus
Francis pulled his own magic trick--he made the propagation of Catholic sexual morality disappear.

Now you see it

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Now you don't!
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The church of christ has been betrayed by vatican ll now it is about to be crucified by anti pope Francis. likes this.