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The Vatican Is Going To Accept Condemned Teilhard de Chardin

The Pontifical Council for Culture unanimously approved a petition to Pope Francis requesting him to waive the condemnation of Jesuit Father Teilhard de Chardin (+1955). The Council is headed by […
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4 dicembre 2017, 07:06

BENEDICTUS PP. XVI : Unico e Vero Papa finché in Vita : “Dubia” e “Correctio filialis”


Unico e Vero Papa finché in Vita,
della Chiesa, Una Santa Cattolica e Apostolica Romana
come rivelato da Gesù a Conchiglia il 02 febbraio 2011.

Tutti i firmatari dei “Dubia” e della “Correctio filialis” oltre alla attuale moltitudin… More
1952 , Teilhard wrote in a letter: “As I love to say, the synthesis of the Christian God (of the above) and the Marxist God (of the forward) – Behold! that is the only God whom henceforth we can adore in spirit and in truth.”
GJA Taylor
why not? the Holy Father just wants to make Fr Luther a saint why not this useful idiot?
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Now You Know Media (a Catholic in name only publishing company) is not helping with this, just a few weeks ago they published a book praising Him
I had to sit and listen to his drivel as a young boy attending Catholic school from a teaching nun who just thought he was the greatest philosopher.