Again And Again: Falsely Accused Priest Finally Acquitted

A Bhopal court, India, found no evidence that Father George Jacob, 52, “raped” a woman, (June 24) reported.

Jacob was arrested last August, but released on bail after he was found incapable of performing the sexual act.

“From the beginning, we were sure that the priest would be cleared of the charges,” a spokesman of Bhopal archdiocese said.

The woman claimed the priest had invited her to his presbytery offering her a job in a school where he was a principal. But Jacob was not the principal of any school.

A married Muslim woman, she told police that she was an unmarried Hindu.

In September 2017, Bhopal Father Sebastian Panthalluparambil, 40, was accused of molesting a girl but exonerated after CCTV footage proved the complaint was baseless.

In July 2018, Father Leo D'Souza, 56, was accused of having abuse a boy. He was later released by a court.

Priests are routinely arrested on fabricated charges at the behest of anti-Christian Hindu groups.

Picture: © Kathleen Markham, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsYqpzarujlw