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More Details on the Secret Conviction of Innocent Cardinal Pell

The bogus conviction of Cardinal George Pell on December 11 – reported yesterday - was based on an unanimous verdict of the jury, writes the anti-Church (December 12).

The Cardinal was found "guilty" of having homosexually abused two Melbourne choir boys in the late '90s when he was Melbourne archbishop although, given the location, it is impossible that such abuses could ever have taken place.

The trial is still under a gag order in Australia that prevented any details of the secret trial being made public.

All along Pell has repeated his vehement and consistent denials of any and all such accusations.

A second trial known as “the swimmers trial” will start in early 2019. Pell is accused of having “sexually offended” two boys playing games in a public swimming pool in Ballarat, Victoria over forty years ago although there are no corroborating witnesses.

Pell’s conviction is a result of the ongoing abuse-hoax that considers priests to be guilty before proven innocent although the incidence of sexual abuses among Catholic clergy is minimal.

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So here we are, they tried for years just to pin him on knowing something about some sicko wolf in sheep's clothing, but couldn't there wasn't even a shred of evidence to get him. So they had to rethink of something else to finish him off. These little devils must have sold their souls to Satan begging him for help to get that apostle who said, he is sticking with Jesus. And of course the devil … More
Dangerous business to be a target of homosexual freemasons in high positions.
Holy Cannoli
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