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No Justice: Francis Kills A Flourishing Fraternity

Pope Francis has definitively decided to dissolve the Fraternity of the Holy Apostles in Brussels, Belgium, a flourishing new rite group consisting of priests and seminarians, but hated by the anti-Catholic Brussels Cardinal Jozef De Kesel.

De Kesel replaced in November 2015 the courageous and Catholic Archbishop André Léonard who had recognized the group, founded by Father Michel-Marie Zanotti- Sorkine, in 2013.

It consisted of six priests and 23 seminarians while for years there was not a single newcomer in the French-speaking seminaries in Belgium.

The parish run by the group in Brussels quickly became a center for renewal. But in a time of mass-immigration, De Kesel claimed that the group needed to be dissolved because “too many” of them were French while in the national seminary in Namur out of 80 seminarians only 25 are from Belgium.

On April 12 Marco Tosatti, writing on, broke the news that an appeal in front of the Apostolic Signature by laypeople against the killing of the community has been stopped by Pope Francis because the judges were in favour of accepting it.

Tosatti calls this an “ugly story” that certainly does not cast a good light on Pope Francis.

The biggest religious group in Brussels is Islam.

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De Profundis
Leonards (mandatory) resignation was accepted immediately on his reaching 75 years old and was replaced by Cardinal Danneels' protégé Jozef de Kesel (who was then made a Cardinal). The picture shows one of the attacks against him.
De Profundis
This is big. The Fraternity of the Holy Apostles of Brussels, a project of Abp Léonard, has been dissolved. They were in the process of appealing to the Apostolic Signatura (highest Vatican court), but the Pope has personally intervened in the legal process by decree.
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Joseph a' Christian
@Fischl - Francis is also not the pope bekause of his numerous blasphemies and heresies. Such as celebrating the 500th year anniversary of Martin Luther's revolt, Francis celebrated with a lesbian "bishop" in her lutheran church of sin.

Jesus Is Life.
Jim Dorchak
Well it is definitely not about SOULS and more about politics.
In fact this gentle?man? is not the Pope, because the conclave was not correct, and his "election " therefore obsolete. So stop him immediately by not obeying his destructive orders.