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Pope Francis: “I Am the One Who Saved Medjugorie”

Chiara Amirante, founder of the Roman aid organization Nuovi Orizzonti, told a crowd on November 1 during a visit in Medjugorie that she recently talked one hour with Pope Francis about the alleged Bosnian place of apparitions, and that she had “the blessing of the Pope” to speak about what was said. According to Amirante Francis told her:

“Chiara, look, it's I who saved Medjugorje because the Commission of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, had already said, based on many news also false ones that Medjugorje is all false. So it's I who then saved Medjugorje, it's I who sent [Archbishop] Hoser because I believe - what I also said in the press conference [on the flight from Fatima to Rome in May 2017] - that the fruits are many and unequivocal.

You can say that I have Medjugorje at heart, and that I did not realise that that statement [about Our Lady who speak too much in Medjugorie] which I said as a personal opinion but which also was based in a wrong information, did have such an strong impact.

So you can say that I have Medjugorje at heart, very at heart and that I am moving ahead with my delegate Hoser, precisely to preserve everything that is beautiful in Medjugorje.”


Medjugorge condemns itself by what is stated in the messages. Never mind mixing truth with error, that is sure sign right there that it is FAKE. One of the messages states that This Lady says, "All Religions are dear to me and my son". Now as Catholics we all know that only the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church is Dear to Our Blessed Mother and Her Son as it is the one that He gave His life for.… More
Marie N
Anyone giving his/her opinion on Medjugorje should do so only after going there and pray to God to show the truth in his/her heart. This is for everyone, catholics or non catholics, the leaders of churches and us poor sinners. Who are we to judge? Faith, Hope and Love are from God and only Him. God bless you all.
If he reverses his opinion on something pertaining to Faith and Morals - it is his duty as "Leader of those people who trust him" to mention it immediately.
He states that he reversed his opinion, yet said nothing? What a proud untrustworthy "Shepherd".
Amen, amen to frawley
As a retired law enforcement officer with 30 years of sifting thru lies, fraud and scams, I have watched the events in Medjugorje unfold since the mid 1980's. I have read everything that I have come across both in favor and opposed. I have visited Medjugorge twice and spoken with one of the visionaries (Ivan) here in Florida. I have never witnessed anything contrary to the faith. I not aware of … More
Jim Dorchak
Now I really don’t believe in medjigorje
Mrs. Maureen Avila
Medjugorje is not a fake in the sense that nothing is happening; it is a real demonic apparition. Compare the sadness and urgency of Mary at Fatima and see how much worse the world and Catholics
are now than in 1917 and you will see that the apparition says nothing much about the reality of moral evils and lack of Faith in the constant teachings of the Catholic Church. Cures are possible by … More
What does it mean ? if its true God would save it
alex j
One of the few times Francis actual was right, was when said"Our Lady speaks to much at Medjugorje"! Common sense alone would immediately raise a "red flag" as to the veracity of claims of messages from OBL, on a daily basis and over a period of thirty eight years. Three Bishops have ruled against supernatural events. Countless claims of miraculous physical and spiritual healings have little if … More
Medjugorie is fake.