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Cardinal's Citizenship Revoked

The Chilean Senat revoked on January 7th the Chilean citizenship of Cardinal Ezzati for allegedly having "hushed up" homosexual abuses.

Ezzati was born in Italy on 7 January 1942 but emigrated to Chile in 1959 in order to enter the noviciate of the Salesians. In 2010, Benedict XVI named him Santiago de Cile Archbishop and Pope Francis made him a cardinal in 2014. Ezzati belongs to the Bergoglio party.

The unanimous decision was made by the Senate's commission for "human rights". Ezzati was given Chilean citizenship in 2006 for his merits in the field of education.

In October, Ezzati was questions by the prosecutors' office about homosexual abuses. He used his right not to give testimony.

Picture: Ricardo Ezzati Andrello, © Carlos Figueroa, CC BY-SA, #newsLczeukdaiw
alex j
That should send clear signal to all 'enablers'.