Chile: Star Jesuit Discovered to Be “Abuser”

Jesuit Father Renato Poblete (+86), a national celebrity in Chile, has been accused by his own order of repeated, grave and systematic sexual abuses committed between 1960 and 2008.

Poblete allegedy assaulted 22 women, four of them minors, including pushing some to have an abortion.

He entered the Jesuits under the influence of recently canonized Father Alberto Hurtado (+1952) and became famous as the chaplain of the public charity Hogar de Cristo, bringing it from seven to fifty chapters in the whole of Chile. Poblete was also a commentator for the oligarch newspaper La Segunda.

The Jesuit was celebrated by the oligarch media and received many awards. After his death in 2010, statues were erected for him and parks and social and pastoral centers named after him.

Presently in Chile, there are lawsuits against eight bishops (of which two are cardinals) and 150 priests. A bishop and an archbishop were defrocked because of sexual abuses.

Picture: © Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional, CC BY-SA, #newsUpfdmfbcqz
Gotta love those Jesuits doing Bals work here on earth. (Ok I know some are still good priests, but most are not).
Yep in Chile we are pretty much in a Liberation Theology Sewer! Flush... Flush... Flush.... This is the same theology that Our Most Merciful and Holy Father Pope Francis is foisting on the whole Church as we speak. Hey! I guess he thinks that it is a good thing!
I would rather a boy learnt in the roughest school the courage to hit a politician, or gained in the hardest school the learning to refute him — rather than that he should gain in the most enlightened school the cunning to copy him.
If he were still alive, he would have the requisites to be a tethered goat: Too old to be of influence and of no use to Francis and his destructive mafia,