Priest Accused of Having Murdered Another Priest

On September 22 the trial for the murder of Monsignor Giuseppe Rocco, 92, will begin in Trieste, Italy. Rocco was found strangled in his room in the seminary of Trieste in April 2014.

The defendant is Monsignor Paolo Piccoli, 52, who at the time had his room next to Rocco's. But his lawyers have pointed out that the autopsy has found no signs of a struggle, usually present when a person is strangled. Piccoli's blood, found on Rocco's bed, arrived there during the administration of the Last Rites according to the lawyers. Further they point out that there is no serious motive for the crime.

According to media reports the housekeeper of the victim is the main accuser of Monsignor Piccoli.

Picture: © Mark Stevenson, CC BY, #newsYfdrkbtpbq

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