Church Turned into a Tennis Court

The U.S. born alleged artist Asad Raza was allowed to transform the 16th-century church San Paolo Converso in Milan, Italy, into a full functioning tennis court. Anyone is allowed to play. The church…
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that is a stupid thing to do , from this guy Raza
I think we need to call "sacrilege" on this one - don't we?
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The church is now privately owned
Tennis or volleyball courts are fine, Just don't have a traditional mass said there.
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Hugh N. Cry
What's all the racquet?
This church started with love, it's not at fault.
What time is Mass? Oh, about tennish.
OK, I'll stop with the backhanded comments.
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He wouldnt dare....he’s lost his soul allready...but he doesnt want to loose his head....
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Is his next project to the same to a former mosque or synagogue?
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