Polish-Born Gay Priest Runs Amok in Buffalo Diocese

Father Ryszard Biernat, 38, complained to (September 8) that Buffalo Auxiliary Bishop Edward Grosz, 74, “threatened” him with halting his ordination and having him “deported” to Poland after Biernat complained to him in 2004 that he was “sexually assaulted” by a priest.

Biernat added that Grosz’s treatment of his complaint was “ten times worse” than the actual “abuse” [which says something about the alleged “abuse”]. Biernat was 23 at the time and big enough to defend himself. A year ago, Biernat abused a Mass to advertise himself as a “victim of sexual abuse.”

Biernat spent six years as secretary for Buffalo Bishop Richard J. Malone, 73, whom he secretly recorded in order to blackmail him.

There are indications that Biernat is a homosexual, after a “love letter” was discovered which he sent to a seminarian.

Biernat told that becoming an American citizen in July removed a “fear of being deported.” This shows that he became a priest in Buffalo for the sake of the U.S. passport. In fact, in August he left the priesthood.

It is not uncommon that problematic Polish seminarians are ordained abroad after their home diocese refused them.

The whole situation is sordid and tacky as most things connected with homosexual lifestyles invariably are.
In August, Michael Vorris - who is using the abuse hoax for his website - said that Biernat has "a sterling reputation"
Then, this love letter became known....
Michael Voris is out of control. E. Michsel Jones was right about him. Maybe, he is a good man, but his narcisism blinds him or, at least, distorts reality, so he can judge clearly: "the light of your body is your eyes...".
Hoax? Its raining homoheretics everywhere.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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Michael Voris has been proven right time and time again and yet we're still whining about him? Seriously... get over it...
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What did E. Michael Jones say about Michael Vorris?