Nun murdered and raped in Portugal

Sister Maria Antónia Guerra de Pinho, 61, of São João da Madeira, Portugal, was murdered on Sunday (8 September).

Her killer was Alfredo "Tito", 44. He was released from prison only three months ago after having served three quarters of a 16-year prison sentence for rape. He lived with his mother and a brother.

On Sunday morning, Sister Maria Antónia took him with her in the car while coming from Mass. Tito invited her for coffee as a sign of gratitude. The nun agreed and entered Tito’s residence. Inside, Tito asked her to have sexual relations.

When the sister refused, Tito applied a rear naked choke killing her. Then he performed sexual acts on her dead body and abandoned it in bed.

A factory worker, Maria Antónia became a sister of the Congregation of the Handmaids of Mary Servant of the Sick 40 years ago. She worked in Spain and Italy before she returned home to take care of her mother.

The media labeled her as “radical” and “progressive,” writing that she also frequented a fitness centre.