Kenya Bishops: Condoms Are Always Immoral [And Dangerous]

The Kenya bishops reaffirmed at an October 1 health conference their opposition to condoms.

Kakamega Bishop Joseph Obanyi Sagwe declared that the Church is the greatest ally in fighting AIDS but using condoms is not part of her agenda, "We will not choose to advocate for approaches that are not moral.”

The bishops underlined that the only safe and morally upright approach against AIDS is abstinence.

Condoms can only reduce the chance of being infected with a sexually transmitted disease and often promote dangerous behaviour. Sex outside marriage is always a health risk.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsBdfjbvzdpl
@Jungerheld Knowing the Faith of most African bishops (and the lack thereof in Bergoglio), I was thinking about the color of their souls...
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Good for these Kenya Bishops
@polos, are you suggesting a meaning something like, "the clothes don't make the man"?
This is what you get inverting the colors; is there a meaning to it?
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