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Vatican's Financial Reforms Are “Dead”

The Vatican financial reforms “are dead, over, finished". They have been "blocked”, an anonymous key lay official told Edward Pentin writing on (March 12).

According to the source the opponents of the reforms “have completely annulled them and will lie if asked”.

The enemies of the reforms contributed to Cardinal Pell’s demise and saw dismissed Libero Milone as “public enemy No. 1”.

Pell’s Secretariat for the Economy uncovered vast amounts of money that had not been recorded in financial statements, € 94 million in the Secretariat for State and nearly € 1 billion in various other dicasteries.

Picture: © Zoe Toseland, CC BY-NC, #newsFsmzjdouyt
Dr Bobus
Amoris Laetitia killed financial reform. The pope needed the support of the conservatives for the reform, and AL killed that support. The opponents of financial reform could see Francis was playing a weak hand . . . and that was that.