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Order of Malta: currently 500 passports in circulation

The Order of Malta has declared in a statement that in 2016 it issued 155 passports. In total, about 500 passports circulate currently. Diplomatic passports are granted only to the members of the government, to members of its 106 diplomatic missions (as well as their family), and rarely to knights in charge of a special mission. English speaking media had wrongly claimed that there are only three passports of the Order in circulation.

Picture: © Giorgio Minguzzi, CC BY-SA, #newsLyqmogvvuj
The English speaking media was correct to claim that the Order only issues three ordinary passports, by agreement with the government of Italy these are issued to:
(i) The Grand Master ( ).
(ii) The Grand Commander (since May 2014 Fra' Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein who also has an Austrian passport).
(iii) The Grand Chancellor (since May 2014… More