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Cardinal Tobin Personally Welcomed Homosexualist "Pilgrimage"

Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin personally welcomed an "LGBT Pilgrimage" in his cathedral on May 21st. Tobin addressed them at the beginning of a Mass. Several priests concelebrated. Jesuit Father James Martin, a notorious homosexualist, commented on Facebook, “Bravo! All are welcome.“

Newark Auxiliary Bishop Manuel Cruz spoke before the final blessing saying that “his favourite view of the basilica is when the doors are open wide to welcome all to the love of God”.

Experience shows that such statements of liberal bishops refer exclusively to liberal initiatives, while the same bishops treat Catholics with disdain and closed doors.


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The elevations of the deviants in faith are invalid and void, they are part of the anti-church. The Sodomite Rite = (Revelation 2:20-22) Sacrilegious communions (food sacrificed to idols)+ Fornication = Abomination of Desolation.
Cardinal Tobin: Fulfilling the mission to him by Francis.
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Maudie N Mandeville
"Bravo" must be the celebratory word of choice for homosexualists in the Church. Cardinal Timmy Dolan used it to celebrate the failed NFL football player, Michael Sam, proudly announcing his gayness by kissing his boy friend on national television. "Good for him," Dolan said in an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press".
"I would have no sense of judgment on him," (kissing his boy friend on nationa… More
Holy Cannoli
LGBT "Pilgrimage"

New Jersey is a Democrat stronghold voting 55% for Hillary Clinton and 41% for Donald Trump in the last election. Cardinal Tobin, emboldened by the fact that he lives in a Democrat (Read: give us your gays, illegal aliens, felons, any minority, etc. as long as they all keep voting for Democrats) state and inspired by Pope “who am I to judge” Francis is confident that he can … More
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