Liberal Magazine, Were All Recent Popes Really Saints?

Pro-Francis journalist Mollie Wilson O'Reilly asks the pope to “stop making every pope a saint” saying that it is “a pretty big coincidence for all of the popes since Pius XII — ahem, Venerable Pius XII — to have been men of uncommon heroic virtue”.

Writing in the liberal Catholic magazine Commonweal (February 8) she adds, "If the modern Church really has managed to elect an unbroken string of papal saints in the past century, well, that’s impressive, but considering that the pope is the one who gets to make that call, it’s also a bit...suspect.”

In 2014, Pope Francis canonized John XIII († 1963) and John Paul II († 2005). Paul VI († 1978) is on the docket to be canonized 2018 and Pope John Paul I († 1978) was recognized “Venerable” last November.

Picture: © Jeffrey Bruno, Aleteia, CC BY-SA, #newsEbmpgkpovx
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