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Evangelical Pastor Destroys Statue of Our Lady

The self-proclaimed Protestant "pastor" Elías Ospina Gazcon has demonstratively destroyed a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes with a hammer according to (July 18).

The sacrilege took place on a public square in Mompox, Columbia, on July 16, the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. quotes Mompox resident Jaquelin Amaris, "What this bandit has done, is an offense. We respect their religion and do not get involved with these people who, although they do not want to accept it, were baptised in the Catholic Church. Now they believe they are the most cultured and that, after their 'conversion' they can change the world, but they are wrong."


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Protestants bore me.
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Slimy thug is a tough guy with a plaster statue. Lets see how he reacts at his judgement when he sees Our Lady sitting at the right hand of God.
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Roberto 55
Act of satanism
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How on earth can the so-called "Christian" believe that he is pleasing God by destroying an image that represent's the Incarnate God's Mother? The man needs to watch this.
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Some saints went unnoticed by the world
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