Jesus Christ Graces the Cover of Newsweek

Photo ~ Newsweek cover image featuring Jesus

Jesus Christ Graces the Cover of Newsweek

Newsweek’s cover story is all about Christianity. Writer Andrew Sullivan stakes the claim that Christianity has been “destroyed” by politics, evangelists and priests. The article, which starts by examining Thomas Jefferson’s views on faith and the Bible, delves deeply into all that Sullivan sees wrong with Christianity in America.

Ultimately, however, what Sullivan is calling for is nothing more than a private faith that is a step below the Social Gospel.

Yet, the “Social Gospel” movement has failed and will continue to fail in every manifestation, even ones that are watered down.

When we rob the Gospel of its power and reduce it to nothing more than “Take care of the poor,” then the movement will fail because it lacks the power of the Holy Spirit behind it.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t take care of those who need it – I’ve been very clear on this issue in my writings – rather that we should realize that the Gospel extends beyond just helping the poor, and goes to bringing people to Christ.

It also means we stand up for social justice, that we aren’t “apolitical,” but follow a politic that fits within the ideals of Christianity.

It seems that Sullivan thinks Christians should remain quiet on issues such as abortion, but would he say the same thing for Christians involved in movements to end sex-trafficking or slave-labor overseas? Should we not petition our government on these issues?


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