Ecumenical Exorcisms & More Francis Heresy

TRADCATKNIGHT: Ecumenical Exorcisms & More Francis Heresy

By: Eric Gajewski

Freemason Francis, “ One can already be united, one can already walk together regardless of top-level dialogues and theological differences…”

If you have been following some of the latest information I have been relaying here at TradCatKnight then you would know that the “One World Religion Watch” news is going off the charts. Two prime examples of this falsely unified new religion/humanity were evidenced in the articles indicating how “christian denominations” are getting together to “take out the devils” and Francis heresy, “ecumenism of blood”. Both of these articles paint a vibrant picture that we are at the end of line in this general apostasy from the Catholic Faith (as was once taught by the hierarchy).…/ecumenical-exor…