Francis Wanted Letter Rejecting Intercommunion to Remain "Secret"

Edward Pentin confirmed the report that the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith has rejected the German bishops' proposal to give communion to Protestants [although this is a normal practice in this country].

Pentin’s source added that regarding this matter, there are “no differences” between Archbishop Ladaria and his predecessor, Cardinal Gerhard Müller.

Pentin has learned “that the Pope wants the letter [rejecting the proposal] to remain secret for reasons unknown”.

Picture: © European Parliament, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsNmaxqrapam
Gesù è con noi
Bergoglio seeks to destroy the sacraments and the papacy
If a person rejects an ENTIRE papal letter (Humanae Vitae), how can they celebrate a footnote in a different papal letter?
Unfortunately the refusal to release the letter publicly looks like a refusal to teach the universal Church: even though we *all* know what the German Bishops have proposed & the scandal it has caused. One would think a public correction is in order to prevent public scandal.
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