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Saint Bridget: Pope Who Would Abolish Celibacy Would Become Food of Demons in Hell

When Saint Bridget of Sweden, +1373, was in Naples, Italy, as an advisor of Archbishop Bernardo of Naples, they once talked about priests living with concubines. Bernardo argued that, were he pope, he would abolish celibacy to avoid such scandals.

Saint Bridget replied to him that Our Lady told her (Revelationes, Book 7, Chapter 10) that a pope who would abolish priestly celibacy “would be totally deprived by God of his spiritual sight and hearing” and “his spiritual wisdom would grow completely cold.”

Our Lady added that “after his death, his soul would be cast out to be tortured eternally in hell where it would become the food of demons everlastingly and without end.”

Picture: Heliga Birgitta, © Lawrence OP, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsQjelgrjrnl
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Since Francis doesn't seem to believe in hell, what does he have to fear?
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