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Francis Was Against Ouellet’s Answer, Preferred "Silence"

Robert Mickens - who called Benedict XVI in in 2014 a “rat” - has refuted the idea that Pope Francis encouraged Cardinal Ouellet to write his open letter against Archbishop Viganò accusing him to be “false,” “far-fetched,” “blasphemous,” “incomprehensible,” “abhorrent” and wanting to "hurt" Francis.

Mickens writes on (October 12) that he has learned from “different sources” that Francis was not in favour of the idea to answer Viganò.

And: “It took some effort to convince the pope, who then only begrudgingly consented to the publication of Ouellet’s letter.”

According to Mickens this would also be "more consistent" with the manner in which Francis "has [not] responded" to Viganò [or the Dubia cardinals] up to now.

Picture: Marc Ouellet, © Mazur/ CC BY-NC-SA, #newsNiepfvuxqb
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