Cardinal Zen: New Vatican Guidelines Allow Joining Another Church

Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen has published the following three comments on the Holy See's June 28 Pastoral Guidelines Concerning the Civil Registration of Clergy in China (, June 29):

1. Holy See? Which department? Who has signed the document?
Nobody? It looks so strange!

2. Guidelines (clear and simple): it is allowed to join the Patriotic Association!
The Holy See does not intend to force anyone’s conscience (=tolerated minority?)

3. The Provisional Agreement recognizes the Pope as Head of the Catholic Church, so “logically” the Holy See understands and interprets the “independence” not in an absolute sense (?!) (I would like to see the wording of the agreement.)
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He is a saint.

And striving manfully triving against an Antipope and completely apostasized Vatican Machine. As Our Lady of Fatima predicted almost exactly 102 years ago to the day.

"Rejoice, O virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world!"
It is hard to imagine what he must suffer.
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