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Bishop: "We need to respect the Protestants' decision not to be Catholic"

“Satan wants to destroy the Eucharist, and he can do that by trying to destroy the priesthood, and the bishops as well”, Bishop Liam Cary, 71, of Baker, Oregon, a vast diocese near Canada with only 35 priests and 35,000 Catholics.

Cary told (November 8) that the German bishops' Protestant Communion contradicts the fact that receiving Communion requires believing in the priesthood, the Creed, the sacraments and Our Lady.

He concludes that we need to respect the decision of the Protestants not to be Catholic.

Picture: Liam Cary, #newsCcapdhuwxo
alex j
Why should the Church 'cow-whail' to protestant's? If the protestants want to stay as they are, that is outside of Christ's Church, then so be it. Christ himself never compromised his teaching for the sake of tolerance, fraternity, or any other socialistic concept. But again another example of the Germans wanting to rule over others "This is not good!" Don't mention the Holocaust Holy Cross for … More
La petite phrase ironique de la fin met toute chose en place. Il y a encore quelques évêques qui raisonnent bien, mais je dis bien "quelques"...
I guess he hasn't heard about and/or doesn't give a flying flip about the dogma of "Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus"....infallibly defined not once, not twice but three times. Oh well what's a little detail like infallible dogma to a Modernist Heretical Bishop? Do we have any other kind in today's Conciliar Church? Very few who will stand up for the OTF...
I often wonder what kind of training these clerics receive in the seminary. There is only one true Church: the Roman Catholic Church, founded by Our Lord. All others are outside of His church and therefore heretical, this includes all protestant denominations. As a bishop you are to safeguard the deposit of faith that has been left to you by the Apostles and sacred tradition. Being an ecumenist … More
Forgot to tell you my bishop Cary also brought back the Michael the Archangel prayer at the end of mass, so know we hear about satan, the devil, and hell at every mass.
God created us without our consent but He will not save us without it.
Fine with me ,they have free will ,but Jesus also said go and evangelize the world
I agree with Bishop Cary....reading his entire (CWR) interview is important. Good stuff. Perhaps he could have also reminded us, "Outside the (Catholic) Church, there is no salvation."
This is my bishop and you can go on utube and see him speaking against contraception, how many of your bishops do that?He is also trying to bring back reverence for the eucharist and the priesthood. I think we should be careful to make sure what he is saying before we tear him a new one.
Read and reread the second paragraph please and then the last sentence. I take it as Bshp Cary saying, 'you (Protestants) keep your communion and we (Catholics) will keep our Communion (because our's contains the Truth).
He even looks like a liberal Episcopalian.
Jim Dorchak
What ever happened to Outside the Catholic Church there is NO salvation? Hello Mcfly!