Is He Joking? Francis’ Confusion Strategy: “Value Tradition”

Pope Francis told the Albanian Byzantine-Catholics of Lungro, Italy, to "preserve their traditions in fidelity."

During a May 25 Vatican audience he remembered the bishops, priests, religious and parents who have "faithfully guarded and handed down the riches of your beautiful tradition.”

He admonished the current generation to “pass on to the new generations that spiritual patrimony.”

Two days earlier, Francis prompted another audience "to let go of traditions" and to “renounce the desire of clarity and order.”

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsVspedibanz
A typical PERONIST trick. Be all things to all men, not for their sakes, but for your own political advantage.
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Don't we all love our homoheretics!
Is it me? Or does it sound like he is making stuff up on the go?
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Same old Francis! He speaks, as the American Indian would say, with a forked tongue. likes this.