Francis Wears Tribal Headgear Standig for Ritual Violence, Enslavement

Kohima Bishop James Thoppil, 60, Nagaland, North-Eastern India, presented Pope Francis on May 28 with a Naga tribal headgear.

Francis, immediately put it on (picture). The Naga tribes use the headgear in ceremonies when preparing for the hunting season. Naga tribes are infamous for killing and decapitating opposing warriors.

Their headhunting aims at displaying the mortification of the rival, ritual violence, cosmological balance, manhood and prestige. They believe that the victim will be a slave in the afterlife.

Opponents of Christianity will believe anything except Christianity.
@Holy Cannoli The big question is are those Prada. Because... you know.…/892579975385923…
Of course Pope Francis put it on. Anything foreign and non-Christian appeals to him as a way of showing Marxist globalism.
In returning to the traditions of his predecessors, Vaticanistas are reporting that HH has started to wear the beloved “red shoes.
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